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Preparation of music editions as a transcriber, editor, engraver or publisher, or them all

Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse complete album transcription, published in 2015.

Ulver Kveldssanger complete album transcription, published in 2015.

Current 93 Soft Black Stars complete album transcription and piano book, published, respectively, as .pdf and on paper in 2017. [shop]

Tigran Hamasyan Three Piano Pieces — transcriptions of “Etude no. 1” and “Markos and Markos” from 2017 An Ancient Observer album, and “Lilac” from 2015 Mockroot album. Published in 2018.[shop]

Two Piano Pieces Spontaneously Improvised by Roman Stolyar transcriptions of “Resolutions” and “The Endless Ending” from 2014 The Boston Case album. Published in 2020. [shop]

Left Alone, a lyric étude for the left hand composed by Nicola Elias Rigato, published in 2020. [shop]

A transcription of Samsara, a piano piece in two parts composed by Tigran Hamasyan — includes both “Illusion” and “Samsara” which were separated into two tracks on 2011 A Fable album. Also includes an introductory note with a critical view on Tigran Hamasyan’s solo piano composition and performance. [shop]

»Segen« // Ein kurzes Klavierstück von Benedikt Jahnel — Blessing, a short piano piece by Benedikt Jahnel — released in 2021. [shop]

Vexations, une lente courte pièce pour piano par Erik Satie — Vexations, a long, long short piece for piano composed by Erik Satie — released in 2021. [shop]

«Berceuse» // Une pièce-réflexion pour piano par Nikita Sorokine — Lullaby, by Nikita Sorokine — released in 2021. [shop]

Третий набросок для цикла «Московских» фортепианных пьес Саввы Терентьева — a piano sketch for the Moskovskiye suite composed by Savva Terentyev — released in 2021. [shop]

Collapse, a short piece for piano composed by Nicola Elias Rigato — a digital release from 2022, to hopefully be printed this year. [shop]

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History of music printing, music typography and design are the vast field of my ongoing research. Recently I started writing a book with a working title Theory of Music Type Design which will hopefully be finished around 2025. Publishers are welcome to approach with the best of offers.

Occasionally I publish articles and videos with insights into music design. Much of such can be read on my Patreon page where they are available to subscribers. Some things are open to public.

For example, you may read my article about horizontal spacing of music symbols in music typesetting/engraving. It speaks about the ratios given by Elaine Gould in Behind Bars and by Ted Ross in The Art of Music Engraving and Processing, and tries to devise a more logical and probably more correct ratio. Read it at

Or you may watch a review of two songbooks hand-written by Hermann Zapf, with examples of peculiar music calligraphy —

Then the unboxing videos with Terentyev Publisher’s piano music editions, compiled of series of photographs.

• Unboxing Samsara by Tigran Hamasyan —
Left Alone by Nicola Elias Rigato —
Improvisations by Roman Stolyar —

Or this —
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